Our Vision

To emerge as a pre-eminent IAS Academy that aims to work for the holistic enhancement of society by enabling the young and bright minds of the country to help them realize their dreams of becoming civil servants thereby pushing India into the comity of developed nation. We want to build steel pillar that was the dream of our first Deputy Prime Minister of India, Shri Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Our civil servants have contributed significantly in transforming India from colonial era to modern era. We will help you to become the part of that steel pillar which will fulfill the dream of Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam to catapult India into a prosperous and developed country where people will come to know about poverty only in history books, not in their daily life.

Our Mission

To create an excellent competitive environment in student community by virtue of imparting qualitative education with consolidated strategy and scientific approach to produce proficient administrators. We have led an educational movement, which is dedicated to the modest cause of helping students across the country to make them succeed in their career like Civil Service Exam that offer infinite dignity in personal and professional life.


  • To be one of the most progressive in the field of learning.
  • To have competent, creative and committed faculty.
  • To provide a suitable environment to realize the life of a civil servant
  • To provide the ability to integrate relevant issues with UPSC syllabus
  • To provide the capability of writing the best answer having multiple dimensions
  • To remove chaff from wheat and then serve you wheat in form of best quality materials

Our Previous Batches

Student Speaks

It’s a dream for any UPSC aspirant to clear the IAS exam. I feel very fortunate that I happen to be the one.

To clear civil services exam, you don’t need to mug up or prepare for years. You have to believe that you can do it if you follow the right path. To do that the role of the right of the right institution becomes important.

I found my guide in form of Shiksha IAS Institute’s. Shiksha IAS Institute’s will empower you with right knowledge and give you everything that you need to build a strong foundation so you need not worry. Just put trust in your teachers because they are the ones who know you well, apart from yourself. During the course of my preparation.

To clear IAS what important is that you should be able to cover the syllabus and the important parts on time before the examination and should have done multiple revisions of that. I wish that you’ll have confidence in yourself and learn in right direction to make your dream of becoming an IAS officer come true.

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